Conditions of participation
Processing of personal data provided via open call form.

1.1 A person submitting his art project in the framework of ‘Make it till you fake it’ open call gives agreement for publication of the following data on the website of the project: Name / Art-group (with names of participants); City; Website / Social media links; Name of artwork; Year of creation; Idea; Technicals specs of artwork; Media; Shipment and interaction characteristics; Illustration for the catalogue; Additional files (sketches, images, description, other types of files and media relevant to the project presentation).
1.2 The E-mail and phone number provided by the applicant will be visible only to the organisers of exhibition projects in the framework of ‘Make it till you fake it’.
1.3 The applicant submitting the form agrees to be accessed by organisers of the project via phone or e-mail in order to get additional information about the submitted art project and details of its realisation.
1.4 The organiser has a right to not put a submitted art project on the website into the ‘Library’ section in case he finds it irrelevant for the proposed topic or incorrectly filled.

Participation of art projects in an exhibition.

By submitting his project for a ‘Make it till you fake it’ open call the applicant confirms that the submitted project can be chosen for participation in an offline exhibition.
2.1 The organiser of the exhibition should notify the author about this decision even if he is in possession of all the required materials for production and exposure of the artwork. The notification should be done via contact information provided by the artist in the submission form.
2.2 In case a selected artwork is fully or partially situated in another city, the organisers may address the author to confirm the terms of shipment of the artwork.
2.3 In case the artwork is of a multimedia based, the organisers may ask for access to download the multimedia file and confirm with the artist the conditions of its distribution and exposure.
2.4 In case an artist chooses to submit an idea for creating an artwork (like text, script or instruction), the organiser has a right to autonomously search for, purchase and/or produce the components of the artwork following the description provided by the artist.


3.1 The organiser of the ‘Make it till you fake it’ project is obliged to mention the authorship of the exposed artwork, whether online, in social media or at the exhibition, including the case the artwork carries a form of an idea, an instruction or a script.
3.2 A library of the projects composed of projects submitted via the open-call will be placed on the ‘Make it till you fake it’ website and be open for website visitors for the acknowledgement with the project contents and information about its authors.
3.3 The visitors of the website and other platforms where the ‘Make it till you fake it’ project will be published, can perform actions to realise and reproduce the artworks presented in a form of idea, instruction or script. In this case the author creating an artwork on the base of a proposed idea is obliged to credit the initial author of the idea, while himself he can specify as a performer/ maker of the idea.
3.4 Any conflict of interests between performers/ makers and original authors of artworks-instructions is to be solved individually. The organisers of the ‘Make it till you fake it’ project may take a role of negotiators in order to resolve the conflict. In case of insoluble contradictions any party may seek legal redress.