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If you submit a finished work, specify the date of its creation. If you submit an idea for implementation or instructions for assembly - specify when it was invented.
If you submit a finished artwork - describe its concept. If you submit an artwork to be created with an instruction or a guideline - describe its idea and attach a file with instruction at the bottom of the application form.
What do you need to realise your artwork?
You may need to transfer it from another city - then describe its components, their dimensions and approximate weight. Or you may need organisers to buy particular items to install it locally. Possibly you will need technical equipment (sound, video, light devices). Finally, your work can require human participation - be it artists or exhibition visitors - then specify who and how you would like to involve.
You can select several options. F.ex. you offer a score for a dance piece to be performed by visitors, then you mark ‘text’ + ‘dance/ performance’. Or you offer an audio route around the city where people have to collect found items, then you mark ‘route/ derivé’ + ‘sound/ video’ + ‘sculpture/ object’.
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Does your artwork require interaction?
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This illustration will be used to present your artwork in an open library of the project.
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Browse photos, sketches, instructions and any other files that may be needed to present your work.
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Share a link to your project or a cloud folder with extra-large media files (video, sound, print items)
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